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Mix your own 24-pack
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Mix your own 24-pack



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  • Product Description
    This product is as classic as it can be. To buy 24 cans of our refreshing drinks is like buying a turkey for thanksgiving. Choose from a variety of different flavors and features that suit your lifestyle. Maybe fill up with your favorite or go on the hunt to find a new favorite flavor? You decide… genius <3

    Since a genius like you does not have time to read a lot of long and boring lists with features like BCAA and Collagen, we instead wrote a short and funny text with a lot of smileys that describe our drinks: “Boost like coffee ☕⚡but more like soda 🥤 💦 but without sugar 🧂💕 but still delicious! 👅😍❤️”

    P.S. If you still want to read long lists regarding ingredients, functions and how to store our drinks, just click on the individual 24-pack of your desired taste! You find these under the category "Functional drinks", but you probably already knew that… genius ;)

  • Functions
  • Nutritional
  • Varies for all 12 different flavors so please look at there specific product pages to get the information u want <3
  • Ingredients
  • Varies for all 12 different flavors so please look at there specific product pages to get the information u want <3
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    SIMPLYGreat | 2022-01-15
    1 | 0
    In Finland I have finally started seeing these drinks more and more, sadly I USUALLY only find 1 or 2 types of flavors at one store. Not sure if the supply is low on the more popular drinks, but would love to see more! I love all lohilo drinks, just got to try the new glow 2022, it's Great! Last time I order a 24p I took bootcamp Lychee (Good flavor!), sun kissed, unicorn Dreams and yuzu lime. I would love to see the strawberry blonde back in stock, it sold out in a few days here and I havent found it for months. LOHILO energy drinks are sugarfree yet don't taste that nasty flavor of sweetener that most brands have problems to disguise, they don't have that chemical flavors what many other brands in this category have. They simply taste great and have a wide range of flavors for everyones tastebuds, from very sweet and candy tasting drinks to a more citrus touch. Im ordering again 10/10 stars to LOHILO and their drinks!
    Test Customer | 2020-04-14
    2 | 0
    Really Good!!☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

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