How do I make a return or exchange a product?

When you buy something other than food or drinks from us such as clothing for example, you have the right to exchange your product for up to 14 days.

Follow the steps below to return / exchange your product:

1. Contact our support to provide them with information such as order number and e-mail address at which the purchase was registered and that you wish to make a return.

2. The support will email you a return note.

3. Print the return note and fill in if you want to change and to what color / size or if you just want to make a return.

4. Then put the return note in your package and hand in the package to the nearest post office.

Done! As soon as we have received and handled your request, we will send out your new product (s) or refund your money in the same way you paid with.

Click here to contact our support.

We handle all returns and exchanges as soon as possible.

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