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Mix your own 48-pack
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Mix your own 48-pack



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    Our 48-pack has quickly become a bestseller. Being able to mix your own 48 drinks has proven to be our customers' absolute favorite offer. Choose from a variety of different flavors and features that benefits your lifestyle. Stock up on your favorite or go on the hunt to find a new favorite flavor. You decide… genius ;) <3

    Since a genius like you doesn’t have the time to read a bunch of long and boring lists with functions like BCAA and Collagen, we instead wrote a short and funny text with a lot of smileys that describe our drinks: “Boosts like coffee ☕⚡ but more like soda 🥤💦 but without sugar 🧂💕 but still taste amazing! 👅😍❤️“

    P.S. If you still want to read long lists regarding ingredients, functions and how to store our drinks, just click on the individual 24-pack of your desired taste! You find these under the category "Functional drinks", but you probably already knew that… genius ;)

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    Anu | 2022-07-21
    0 | 0
    I've ordered this 48-pack for over a year, over and over again. Ordering is super quick and delivery to Finland is in few days. Could not be easier, i love it!
    Mattias Kasurinen | 2021-08-08
    2 | 0
    This will be the third time that I order the 48-pack. Fast delivery and epic flavours! The only pre-wprkout that i use and like!
    Jasmin | 2021-07-07
    2 | 0
    LOHILO has the all the most delicious functional drink flavors and the ''Mix your own 48-pack'' is best bang for your buck. The only bad side is that it's hard to choose only 4 flavors because they're all excellent.

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