It all started one day after the gym.
We had realized that scooping ice cream right after a workout maybe wasn’t the smartest thing to do..

Since then we have been working towards changing that reality in all ways we could possibly imagine.
A strong will that made us about first in the world to produce a high protein ice-cream.

And as you can imagine, ice cream lovers like us would never settle with something that is only nutritious.
For us it is equally important to create products that are TRULY delicious.

That’s our DNA and from that LOHILO is forever evolving: changing reality through our products.
Making it possible to enjoy life to its fullest - without compromising on our healthy and active lifestyle goals.

Welcome aboard!

There is always room for more of us in this big family of gym rats, world champs, social media heads, office rockers, selling machines, personal trainers, students, factory gurus, nutrition specialists & more <3


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