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LOHILO Premium Curve Ball Padel Racket
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LOHILO Premium Curve Ball Padel Racket

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    approved by some of the best players in Sweden / hangouts and ambassadors at our own Lohilo padel arena located in Växjö Sweden, Nylandavägen 2.

    Made of 100% carbon like all the professional rackets out there which makes it really light weight.

    MAT FINISH to get you that extra grip for curve balls and premium look and feeling <3

    Recommended to you who go straight for a really good racket and prepare for a steep learning curve in your way to become as pro as you possibly can!

    BONUS: All our Padel rackets comes in smooth retro cases / bags with shoulder strap to protect your racket and to keep your hands free for BCAA drinks and other essentials :))  

    Visit lohiloarena.com for complete info  

    Country of origin- China
    Weight: 370g +/- 10 g
    Material: 18 k Carbon and soft EVA material. Sandpaper surface for best screw grip on ball.
    Grip: Normal size of handle and winding. No anti-vibration in racks / Handles.

    Suitable for both women and men. Not suitable for children.

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