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Shape White Chocolate Strawberry (10 Meals)
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Shape White Chocolate Strawberry (10 Meals)

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  • Product Description
    Meal replacement with a rich flavour of chocolate. LOHILO's new Shape products make everyday life easier in the best way POSSIBLE by either contributing to the preservation of weight after weight loss, losing weight or just as a tasty snack. The purpose of the product differs in how you consume it. Let us explain! 
    If you replace one of your main meals per day with one of our Shape powders, you will help maintain your weight after 
    weight loss with an energy-restricted diet. Howevershould you replace two of your main meals per day with meal replacements, this instead contributes to weight loss with an energy-limited diet!
    If the goal is not to lose weightwhich it does not have to be, our powders can simply function as a dreamy snack instead! So like we said, the purpose of this product is completely up to you <3 
    High in protein, contains 22 vitamins and minerals, being a source of fiber and produced in Sweden. You probaly understand why we love this supplement so much.

    Dosage: Mix 1 dl (35 g) with 250 ml low fat milk in a shaker. Use 1-2 times daily as a meal replacement. It is important with a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The product should only be used as a part of an energy-restricted diet, which should also include other foods. It is important with an adequate daily fluid intake. Storage: Store dry in room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Functions
    Contribute to the preservation of weight after weight loss, losing weight or just as a tasty snack!
    To maximize your ability to build muscle and get the most out of your workout.
    mean… do we even need to explain?
  • Nutritional
  • Ingredients per 100 g powder35 g powder35 g + 250 ml low fat milk (1 SERV.)
    Energy (kJ / kcal) 1445 / 345506 / 121902 / 216
    Fat9,0 g3,0 g4,3 g
    whereof saturated fat 1,7 g0,6 g1,4 g
    monounsaturated fat 2,2 g0,8 g0,8 g
    polyunsaturated fat 4,7 g1,6 g1,6 g
    Carbohydrates14 g5,0 g17 g
    whereof sugar 3,7 g1,3 g14 g
    Fiber13 g4,6 g4,6 g
    Protein46 g16 g25 g
    Salt0,91 g0,32 g0,57 g
    Vitamin A817 µg (102%*)286 µg (36%*)286 µg (36%*)
    Vitamin D 2,7 µg (55%*)1,0 µg (19%*)3,5 µg (69%*)
    Vitamin E 14 mg (118%*)5,0 mg (41%*)5,0 mg (41%*)
    Vitamin K 71 µg (95%*)25 µg (33%*)25 µg (33%*)
    Vitamin C 84 mg (105%*)29 mg (37%*)29 mg (37%*)
    Thiamine1,2 mg (109%*)0,4 mg (38%*)0,4 mg (38%*)
    Riboflavin1,5 mg (105%*)0,5 mg (37%*)0,9 mg (64%*)
    Niacin17 mg (107%*)6,0 mg (37%*)6,0 mg (37%*)
    Vitamin B61,6 mg (114%*)0,6 mg (40%*)0,6 mg (40%*)
    Folic acid 184 µg (92%*)64 µg (32%*)102 µg (51%*)
    Vitamin B12 0 µg (0%*)0 µg (0%*)1,5 µg (60%*)
    Biotin73 µg (145%*)25 µg (51%*)25 µg (51%*)
    Pantothenic acid 5,6 mg (94%*)2,0 mg (33%*)3,2 mg (54%*)
    Potassium1025 mg (51%*)359 mg (18%*)759 mg (38%*)
    Calcium0 mg (0%*)0 mg (0%*)300 mg (38%*)
    Phosphorus 0 mg (0%*)0 mg (0%*)263 mg (38%*)
    Magnesium410 mg (109%*)144 mg (38%*)144 mg (48%*)
    Iron19 mg (113%*)6,5 mg (46%*)6,5 mg (46%*)
    Zink12 mg (115%*)4,0 mg (40%*)4,0 mg (40%*)
    Copper1,9 mg (186%*)0,6 mg (65%*)0,6 mg (65%*)
    Manganese2,0 mg (102%*)0,7 mg (36%*)0,7 mg (36%*)
    Selenium54 µg (98%*)19 µg (34%*)19 µg (34%*)
    Chrome58 µg (144%*)20 µg (50%*)20 µg (50%*)
    Molybdenum78 µg (156%*)27 µg (55%*)39 µg (78%*)
    Iodine143 µg (95%*) 50 µg (33%*)80 µg (53%*)
    Linoleic acid (omega-6)4,1 g1,5 g 1,5 g 
  • Ingredients
  • Milk protein concentrate, oat fiber (gluten free), minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, molybdenum, chromium, selenium), fat powder (soybean oil, glucose syrup, milk protein, stabiliser (triphosphate)), maltodextrin, aroma, colouring (beetroot red), vitamins (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, folic acid, biotin, vitamin K, vitamin D), salt, sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame K), enzyme (lactase). Contains a source of phenylalanine.
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